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E-skin smart shirt monitors fitness and health

This is e-skin - a motion and health tracking wearable tech with the wires and sensors integrated onto traditional textiles.

Creators Xenoma, a spin-off from the University of Tokyo, say they were the first to develop the Printed Circuit Fa read more...

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Body Bar Cardio Workouts - InfoBarrel

A fairly simple but very versatile piece of exercise equipment, the Body Bar is easily adapted to yoga, Pilates and toning exercise routines. It's easy to use and an awesome tool to add an upper body workout element to standard exercises like the read more...

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Exercise Routine - Strength Training Workout

Pete Sisco is the co-author of the best selling book Static Contraction, and Power Factor Training. He developed the Power Factor Training and Static Contraction Training supplies along with six other books on scientific methods of bodybuilding. O read more...

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Exercise may stave off postpartum depression

(Reuters Health) - - Physical activity during and after pregnancy improves psychological wellbeing and may protect against postpartum depression, according to a new analysis of existing research.

Even low-intensity exercise, such as walkin

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Tips For Successful Weight Loss Programs

It is sometimes easy to forget what you are losing the weight for. When you first start losing weight, there is usually a little flurry of weight loss that is very encouraging. Then you tend to hit a plateau, and this can cause you to feel discour read more...

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Exercise Equipment | Buzzle.com

Gym Equipment Names

Gym equipment names

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New Exercise Equipment Promises to Shake the Fat Right Off You

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